What is Kichijoji like?


Inokashiara-park is the most popular spot in kichijoji. You can see many waterfowls and big white ducks. However, the ducks are not real. They are boats. Of course you can get on them.

-Maru Menchi-

Maru Menchi is the most popular street food at kichijoji. ( Maru = ball ) If you want to eat this, you will probably have to wait in line for a few minutes. It may be frustrating, but it's also a good experience.

-4 big shopping malls-

Good! let's go! Have fun shopping! I'm here.

-Streets and Areas-

Kichijoji has several walking areas and streets where you can look around. Sunload, Diamond town(West and East), Nakamichi street, and Area behind Tokyu. There are various shops. Please enjoy your walk.


OK, I know. Don't say any more. This theme is my personal preference. Kichijoji also has many ramen shops. In particular, I recommend 'Iekei' ramen shops. The taste may feel a bit salty. It is also bad for your health. Still, once you eat it, because it is definitely delicious. Please try various Ramen and compare them.

Welcome to Kichijoji!